Introducing KP Knitcraft

Welcome to my humble website. I am a knitter, crocheter, spinner, weaver, felter and general practitioner of all things fiber. I have been knitting and crocheting for over 25 years. I'm a member of Clotho's Handspinners Guild and I'm a Knit & Crochet instructor at the local AC Moore.

The website is still under construction, so please tread softly and wear your safety equipment. Things could get messy. Please bear with me, though, as I get things up and running.

This site is being launched as a way to showcase my crafts, announce when I'm available for custom orders and to post things up for sale. What I sell will vary wildly. What I have on hand also varies wildly. For the most part I make things to order, but I do occasionally produce more than necessary. I also like to occasionally sell excess fiber, tools and materials at an extreme discount, whenever I'm looking to thin my personal stash. And, of course, there are those items that are easy to stockpile for later sale such as wash clothes, granny squares and what-have-you.

So, please visit often. I may not always have a new article posted. I may not always have something actively for sale. And I may occasionally wander off topic. However, when I do have things for sale, or when I open myself for custom orders, I typically get overwhelmed rather fast. So, if you're not watching this site you're likely to miss out on something fun, useful or comfortable to wear & use.

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