4 Years!!

It’s been 4 years since I’ve posted here! 4.blasted.years. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been active, the website just hasn’t been in the forefront. So much is new and changing. There are new adventures, experiments and happenings around every corner!

Let’s start at the beginning though. I no longer teach at the local A.C.Moore. After several policy changes, I decided it was no longer the place for me. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been teaching, quite the contrary actually. My new home is Dances With Wool in Midlothian Virginia. It’s a wonderful shop, full of color and vitality. The owner, Deborah Floyd has made quite the community in her shop, inviting all to several communal fiber events a week. You can generally find me there Thursday evenings for Knit Night, answering questions and chatting away.

Which brings me to my second space to teach in, RVA Createspace. I have recently rented a studio in this fascinating and community driven space. I freely admit, it’s a little rough on the outside. The building is located in an industrial complex and looks the part. It has a few weeds in the garden, yes, there’s a garden. There’s also a lot of interesting bicycles outside. Frankenbikes, high riders, even a chariot graces the side of Rag & Bones, a local non profit building bikes for those in need, and teaching those that have how to maintain their own bikes. Food not Bombs is also housed here. An organization run solely by volunteers committed to feeding the homeless. There’s also an artist whose paintings are so realistic, you wonder where his camera hides. Photographers, bands, even an upholsterer make this a great community to be a part of! My portion is still under construction, but check Instagram for photos….

Last, but certainly not least, collaboration. I’ve had the opportunity of late to work with a talented leather worker. Together we have been designing some new pieces that combine both of our talents into every day couture clothing. The ideas are in their baby phase, but we have managed to complete one design, and are taking orders for custom work. We have a few “off the rack” pieces available right now in standard sizes. However, if you, like most people don’t exactly fall into standard sizes, custom pieces are made to your exact measurements, and you even get to design it yourself! Shoot me an email if this pique your interest!