Custom Crafts for a Chaotic Life

Kristina's creations are wildly popular; handmade with care and custom crafted just for you.

Beautiful & Functional

All of KP Knitcraft's products are made to be functional, comfortable and appealing.


The right products, a caring touch and decades of experience are combined to provide the highest possible quality in all products. Whenever possible natural materials are used in lieu of the artificial. All work is done by Kristina, for you, and not in bulk or in a factory.

100% Handmade

Every product you see on this website was made by hand, usually as a custom order. Kristina's crafts span most of the fiber arts, including:

  1. Fleece Prep - She has experience cleaning, carding and creating batting and roving from raw fleece.

  2. Dyeing - She has produced wonderful roving and yarn using custom dye.

  3. Spinning - She can spin with the best of them, including double ply, triple ply and the elegant Navajo ply.

  4. Weaving - She produces fine woven pieces using a rigid heddle loom.

  5. Knit & Crochet - She has been doing both since she was eight years old.

  6. Classes - Classes are available at both her private studio and Dances With Wool.