Beginning Crochet

Beginning Crochet


Do you dream in granny squares? Maybe chevrons are more your style? Either way, learning to crochet will get those images out of your head, or possibly make them worse!

This workshop consists of 3 one and a half hour sessions. In the first session we will tackle chaining, single crochet stitch and half-double crochet stitch. In the second session we will go over double crochet and treble crochet. In the third lesson, we will start our first project, which you will choose individually. We’ll talk about finishing a piece and blocking, as well as what to do with different fibers.

1 hook and 1 skein of yarn are included, as is a 1 hour private lesson with Kristina after all classes are completed.

Saturdays 12:30pm - 2pm, July 13, 20 & August 3

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