Beginning Machine Knitting

Beginning Machine Knitting


Are you a hand knitter working for charity? Or maybe you never could quite get the hang of 2 sticks? Machine knitting might be the answer! Imagine 200 rows of stockinette in under an hour, oh the blankets you could create an d still have time for those delicate lace hand projects.

In this 2 session workshop we will knit, seam and block a poncho. You will learn the parts of a machine, how to swatch, cast on, knit and bind off. We will discuss the different things different machines can do, although we will not be performing them in this class. We’ll talk about the “dreaded curl” and what you can do about it.

It’s your poncho, do it how you want! Loose and airy for summer, or tight and warm for winter. Choose your yarn based on the machine yarn weight you have selected, if you are unsure how much you need, please email the studio and Kristina will be glad to assist you.

Sundays 10am-12pm July 14 & 21

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