Intro to Rigid Heddle Weaving

Intro to Rigid Heddle Weaving


Does your loom sit in the corner or still in its box unloved? Let’s change that and put it to good use!

Winding your warp will take place outside of class times, so please email to schedule a time to come to the studio before classes start. In our first session, we will put our previously wound warp onto our looms and prepare to weave. We will cover hemstitching and actual weaving in the second session. Everyone weaves at thier own pace, so a private lesson for finishing will be included as well.

You will need about 300 yards of yarn to complete a 6-8 foot, 12” wide scarf. Most rigid heddles come with a 10 dent or 8 dent reed. If you are unsure, please ask in advance.

Sundays 1pm- 3pm July 14 & 21

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